Types of Rasgullas to try in Odisha

Types of Rasgullas to try in Odisha: Life’s journey needs special treatment every moment. Every tiny achievement should be celebrated and every occasion is a reason for a happy moment. Happiness is manifold when dessert is savored, that to be with an authentic Rasgulla. Since time immemorial Indians believe sweet is a symbol of good luck and auspicious events.

Rasgulla is savored across India at gala times. The diversity of this country also reflects on Rasgulla. People from different parts of this country decipher Rasgulla as Rasagolla, Rosogolla, Rasagola or any pronunciation you are acquainted with. A dessert served to guests at home, in parties, in festivals and also to celebrate excellence. Rasgulla is nothing but a ball shaped dessert made from Khoya or Mawa and Sugar Syrup as the basic ingredients.

Odisha and West Bengal both have their unique culinary skills on Rasgulla. They also taste distinct from one another. Bengali Rasgulla is spongy whereas Odia Rasgulla is soft and it melts right at the moment you take it into your mouth. Odisha got the Geographic Tag of its own Rasgulla in the year 2019.

Rasgulla is purely an emotion for Odia people. It is one among the Chapan Bhog served to Lord Jagannath. Rasgulla is also known as Khira Mohana in Odisha. It is believed Goddess Lakshmi was upset with her husband Lord Jagannath as he went on a nine-day Rath Yatra without her permission. Later to calm down his wife, Lord Jagannath offers Rasgulla to pacify her and this ritual is called Niladri Bije.

There are various types of Rasgullas available in Odisha and here are a few:

Types of Rasgullas:

  • Dahi Rasgulla

This is a dessert you would find very unique to taste and it would feel wonderful having a bite of it. This Rasgulla once tasted will make you feel like visiting the outlet again and again. Rasgulla dipped in curd gives flavor of curd and the taste of this combo will be delicious.

Location: Bhai Bhai tiffin center at Kalpana Square, near Panthanivas in Bhubaneswar.

  • Fruit Rasgulla

This Rasgulla is made giving different flavors such as Raw Green Mango, Ripe Mango, Orange, Pineapple etc and this is the reason, it is called fruit Rasgulla. Fruit Rasgulla takes the color of the fruit automatically.

Location: Jayadev Vihar in Bhubaneswar, a sweet outlet named as Chhapan Bhog sells fruit Rasgulla. Sugar Free Rasgulla is also available at Chappan Bhog. You can also try the same at Salepur, Cuttack.

  • Pahala Rasgulla

This unique piece for which the government of Odisha applied for GI tag is available at none other than Pahala Odisha. This delicious Rasgulla will melt once you take it inside your mouth. At Pahala, Rasgulla which is in brown colour is served hot and it’s not that sweet. There are many outlets in Pahala village situated in between Cuttack and Bhubanswar.

At Pahala you would get many outlets selling this unique Rasgulla. Pahala Rasgulla is again of different sizes as big, medium and small. Pahala village has a unique story of making Rasgulla. The price starts from Rs 5 and it ranges to Rs 200 rupees per piece depending on size. Pahala villagers produce milk in large quantities.

One day, a priest of Jagannath Temple saw villagers of Pahala wasting milk in huge quantities. He suggested them to make Rasgulla from the same. The priest also taught them how to make Rasgulla. From that day onwards, Pahala is making Rasgulla and they are offered to Lord Jagannath as one the items in Chappan Bhog.

  • Salepur Rasgulla

Cuttack is again the center of another type of Rasgulla. Salepur of Cuttack is famous for its own variety popularly known as Bikalananda Kar’s Rasgulla. Salepur is 25 kilometers from Cuttack main town. This type is spongy but soft inside and it’s colour is same as Pahala Rasgulla. The third generation of Late Bikalananda is maintaining the unique taste of its own variety Rasgulla.

This unique Rasgulla is available throughout the world as it’s sold online also. Rasgullas are of different sizes ranging from Rs 5 to more than Rs 100.

  • Chocolate Rasgulla

Now-a-days, people prefer to be modern in their food choices. Chocolate is undoubtedly a trendy palate. Odia Rasgulla outlets used chocolate flavor and it satiated the consumers. From tourists or locals, everybody likes chocolate Rasgulla. The taste of Chocolate and Rasgulla in combo gives jolly vibes.

You can get Chocolate Rasgulla often known as Chocogulla at Salepur.

  • Millet Rasgulla

Millet is an healthy food which was the staple food in Indus and Harappan Civilization. Odisha government is also promoting millet as a healthy food option. There are many items that can be prepared from millet. Millet is replacing rice, wheat and pulses. So why not try millet Rasgulla. Savoring Millet Rasgulla will be tasty and healthy. You will find Millet tiffin centers everywhere in Odisha serving Millet Rasgulla.

This type of Rasgullas is also available at Salipur Bikalananda Kar’s Rasgulla Shop.

Apart from the above types, you can try out Rose Rasgulla, Gur Rasgulla, Kesar Rasgulla, Family Pack Rasgulla in Odisha.


Rasgulla is a token of love and respect. Every occasion is a reason to taste Rasgulla. From kids to senior citizens everybody is fond of Rasgulla. Don’t miss out on the above types while you are on a trip to Odisha. Thislip-smacking dessert deserves a special parcel to your home. Enjoy yourself and also treat your loved ones.

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