Dhanushkodi in Rameswaram

The tale of Ramayana talks about the bridge which assisted lord Ram and his ‘army of monkeys’ to reach Sri Lanka. This bridge existing in the divine story starts from Dhanushkodi. Those looking forward to explore the destination from mythology are welcome to Dhanushkodi temple Rameswaram.

Ramayana, the holy book of Hinduism, has mentioned the last land of India, Dhanushkodi as the starting point of the journey to rescue Goddess Sita from captivity of Demon Ravana.

The rocks had the name of lord Rama and they floated on water forming a bridge to Sri Lanka. This bridge is popularly known as Ram Setu. Pamban, the island in Rameswaram is in between the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean occupies Dhanushkodi.

This beautiful destination is in the southeastern tip of Pamban island. The meaning of the term Dhanushkodi is ‘end of bow’ as Lord Ram after rescuing Goddess Sita broke the bridge with his bow and also the aerial view of the place looks like a bow and arrow.

The religious getaway is just 18 kms from Sri Lanka. The vast stretch of beach on both the sides of the road gives immense pleasure. Dhanushkodi temple in Rameswaram stayed unaffected in the 1964 cyclone. You can see the remnant of the villages in Dhanushkodi.

Dhanushkodi temple in Rameswaram

The blue water and clear sky are breathtaking. Tourists are mostly devotees as the historical background and religious relevance are rich. They come to take the blessings of God and witness the holy land’s ups and downs since 1964 cyclone.


The Hindu Mythology says Dhanushkodi is the point where Lord Rama, his brother lord Laxman along with Vanara sena ventured to Sri Lanka to rescue Goddess Sita from the captivity of Demon Ravana. There is Kodandarama Kovil temple denoting the starting point of the bridge.

Kodandarama Kovil temple of Dhanushkodi is the place where Demon Ravan’s brother Vibhishan was crowned as king of Sri Lanka after Ravan’s death.

Moreover, Dhanushkodi is known as the Ghost town of India because of the 1964 cyclone effect. The area had no settlement since then and it’s been lying abandoned all these years.

How to Reach

Dhanushkodi is the border between India and Shri Lanka. The southeastern tip of Pamban island is connected to Rameswaram via road.

Reach Rameswaram via train or car first and then take a bus or your car to Dhanushkodi. Once you reach Rameswaram the itinerary is half clear. The roads are not that crowded and it is just 15 kms from Rameswaram.

The bus service by Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation starts in the morning from Rameswaram and the frequency is for every 90 minutes. The nominal bus fare is generally Rs. 30 between Dhanushkodi and Rameswaram.

The nearest airports to Rameswaram are Tuticorin Airport (142 kms) and Madurai Airport (149 kms).

Dhanushkodi History

Dhanushkodi: The ghost town of India

Stay there at Rameswaram so that you can visit the nearby getaways. You can start your next journey to Kanyakumari from Rameswaram. The hotels at Rameswaram will give perfect view of sunset. These hotels at Rameswaram will cost you around Rs 800- Rs 5000 per night. Stay there a day without hurry to return back. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and take maximum out of it.

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Nearby places to visit:

  • The journey to Rameswaram Dhanushkodi seems incomplete without visiting APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial. The museum has all the awards of the former president. Rameswaram is the birth place of APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • Rameswaram is well known for holy shrines. Once Dhanushkodi is explored, come to Rameswaram and visit Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple, Ram Tirtha, Laksman Tirtha, Ramar Patham Temple. Ramanathaswamy temple in Rameswaram is one of the corridor temples in India. This temple’s interior is carved and sculpted. But you can’t click images inside.

Local Cuisines

The best south Indian foods are available at hotels near Dhanushkodi temple. You can taste different types of dosas available in every food outlet. Uttapam, Idiyappam, curd rice, ghee roast dosa, rasam, pongal, Gobi 65, Paneer 65 are few of many dishes you must try at Dhanushkodi Rameswaram.

Do remember that the cooked foods are not sold near the beach area. Only fruits cut in different shapes, ice creams are sold near the beach. Nevertheless, take some snacks with you to have them while strolling on the beach of Dhanushkodi.


Points to Remember

  • Cameras are not allowed inside the main temple of Rameswaram. You will have to deposit your phone outside.
  • Don’t forget to visit the old mosque and post office, while returning from Dhanushkodi.
  • There are 64 holy Tirthas in India and Rameswaram is one of them.


Rameswaram is one of the four Dhams in India. The thrill strolling through the beach and drive here is boundless. The ruins of the 1964 cyclone are apparently the same, the population is negligible as there are a few people residing at Dhanushkodi. Hiring a bike at Rameswaram would be the best idea. You can’t walk to enjoy the tiny beauty stretched all across the beach. Watching sunrise and sunset should be prioritized to visit the site.

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