Punjab Harvest Festival Food

Foods to Try in Punjab During the Harvest Festival

Punjab Harvest Festival Food People consider the Harvest festival in Punjab as an occasion to visit Baisakhi mela and cut down the crops of farmers. But do you know why every single person is excited for...
Types of Rasgullas to try in Odisha

Types of Rasgullas to try in Odisha

Types of Rasgullas to try in Odisha Types of Rasgullas to try in Odisha: Life's journey needs special treatment every moment. Every tiny achievement should be celebrated and every occasion is a reason for a...
Top Cafes in Pathankot, Top Cafes, Cafes in Pathankot

Top Cafes in Pathankot to Chill with Friends

Top Cafes in Pathankot Are you someone who is traveling to Pathankot with your friends for the first time, and one of the biggest issues that you have right now is, you don’t know...
Recipe of Tamarind Rice, Tamarind Rice

Recipe of Tamarind Rice, A Festival Treat in South India

Recipe of Tamarind Rice Tamarind Rice or Pulihora as it is famously called as is one of the most savoried and easiest dishes of South India. It is enhanced with spicy flavors to give it...
Paratha Outlets in Ludhiana, Paratha Outlets

Top 5 Paratha Outlets in Ludhiana

Paratha Outlets in Ludhiana Paratha is one of the favourite breakfasts in Punjab, the best part is that you get to see a variety of parathas. Some people love having normal paratha with no stuffing,...
Recipe of Poornalu, Poornalu

Recipe of Poornalu, the Traditional Sweet of Telugu People

Recipe of Poornalu No Telugu household goes without making this sweet Boorelu or Poornalu which is loved by many. This sweet is famous during festive occasions especially for Ugadi and also in traditional Hindu marriages....
Best Lassi In Amritsar, Lassi In Amritsar, Best Lassi Outlets in Amritsar

Best Lassi Outlets in Amritsar

Best Lassi Outlets in Amritsar Lassi is one such thing that you will find in every corner of Punjab, no matter if you are traveling to Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Bathinda, or Amritsar. But the thing...
Andhra Bommidala Pulusu Recipe, Bommidala Pulusu Recipe

Traditional Andhra Bommidala Pulusu Recipe

Bommidala Pulusu Recipe Seafood is loved by one and all and every region has a different style of making fish curries. When it comes to the region of Andhra Pradesh, Bommidala Pulusu is a hot favorite. The dish has a...
Cottonseed Milk Recipe, Cottonseed Milk Tea

Madurai’s Famous Cottonseed Milk Recipe

Cottonseed Milk Recipe Some cities have their exclusive brews. They evolved over a period of time based on the lifestyle of people. Cottonseed milk or Paruthipaal as locally called is one such drink for the...
Guntur Gongura Pachadi Recipe

Andhra’s favourite Guntur Gongura Pachadi Recipe

When it comes to spicy Chutneys, no one can beat the delicacies of Guntur. Guntur Gongura Pachadi (Traditional Gongura Pickle)is one of the famous recipes from Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh. It has a tangy flavor,...

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