Orchha in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the home to many cities with a great historical background which amaze people even today and drive people to explore such interesting places. Orchha is one such destination. 

Orchha (or Urchha) is a town in the Madhya Pradesh state of India’s Niwari district. It was the Bundela rulers’ former capital city founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput Chief Rudra Pratap on the banks of the Betwa River.

The river Betwa separates into seven channels here, which are known as the Satdhara. This is said to be in honour of the seven former Chiefs of Orchha.

The architectural splendour of Orchha’s monuments reflects the rulers’ glory.

Here you will find some of the most fascinating Orchha temples and palaces that will help you realize a childhood fantasy – traveling back in time!


1. Orchha Fort

Orchha Fort is one of the most famous places to visit in Orchha Madhya Pradesh that lies on the banks of River Betwa. The fort was built by Bundela Rudra Pratap Singh in the year of the 16th century, which took many years for its completion. It comprises many structures like forts, palaces, historical monuments, etc.

2. Jahangir Mahal, Orchha Fort

Jahangir Mahal has held the Mughal grace since late 17th century. It was built as a welcome monument to Jahangir by then ruler Veer Singh Deo as a symbol of reception when he first visited the city. 

Jahangir Mahal

3. Ram Raja Temple

This is one of the important tourist points for the travellers in Orchha. This fascinating temple in Orchha has historical tales behind it. This was a palace for the ruler Madhukar Shah years ago. This temple is the only temple where Lord Rama is worshiped as King Rama as it holds a mark of religious importance.

4. Raja Mahal

Raja Mahal is also known as “Raja Mandir.” The Mahal was built by Rudra Pratap Singh which started during the 16th century and ended in the 17th century. The Raja Mandir is full of lavish interiors and elevated balconies. The interiors of the Mahal are of mirrors and murals which are plastered on the ceilings and walls of the Mahal. These interiors make a great impact on art enthusiasts.

5. Betwa River

Betwa River is an ideal spot for river rafting and boating lovers. The rafting is possible at the river, and tickets are organized from MP tourism from Betwa Retreat or MPT Sheesh Mahal. Best time to visit this river is during monsoon as it’s ideal for rafting and boating.

6. Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh in Orchha Madhya Pradesh is another on the list of top places to visit. This place is full of lush greenery with multiple fountains. This garden was used by Kings of Orchha for summer retreat. It was built as a memorial for Prince Dinman Hardaul, who committed suicide to mark his innocence to his big brother.

7. Lakshmi Narayan Temple

It is one of the most important temples in Orchha Madhya Pradesh. Built by Bir Singh Deo in the 16th century, this beautiful temple is dedicated to the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. One can experience a unique mixture of architecture of temple as well as fort. Its Orchha Wall Paintings are one of the finest art works to be seen when visiting this temple.

8. Chattris (Cenotaphs)

Also known as Cenotaphs, Chattris is situated on the bank of Betwa River. There are about 14 Cenotaphs grouped in a row along the Kanchan Ghat of the Betwa River. It is marked as a respect for the blue blood of rulers of Bundelkhand. 


9. Chaturbhuj Temple

This temple was built in 875 AD during the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty. This temple is worshiped by Lord Vishnu. The temple stands tall on the rectangular platform of basic architectural structure. It is divided into three main sections, and the central position is about 4-storey tall. This temple was initially dedicated to Lord Ram, but later on, Lord Vishnu idols established themselves and marked its identity. The palace is ornamented with lotus emblems and symbols of religion.

10. Dauji Ki Haveli

It was built in the 17th century which attracts visitors due to its large area and ruined structure. The ruins of haveli are perfect for the picture frames for photography enthusiasts. The entrance arch and ruin roofs are most of the attractions in Dauji Ki Haveli. 


Orchha Madhya Pradesh is easily accessible by road from cities like Gwalior and Jhansi. How to get to Orchha is as follows:

By plane: The nearest airport is Gwalior, which is 126 kms away.

By Train: Jhansi is the nearest railhead, 17 kms away. 

By Car: Orchha is situated on the road connecting Jhansi and Khajuraho. Jhansi has the closest bus station. Buses, tempos, and taxis run on a regular basis between Jhansi and Orchha.


  1. Kunde Ka Bhatta 

If you’re in Orchha, try the excellent Kunde ka Bhatta for a truly authentic tribal meal. The delectable food item will introduce you to Orchha’s culture.

  • Ras Ki Kheer

The flawlessly mixed ras ki kheer, a popular Orchha delicacy and a characteristic Bundelkhandi dessert, will round out your feast.


  1. River Rafting in the Betwa River

River rafting should be the first in the list of things to do in Orchha. The tumultuous currents of the river Betwa provide an exciting route. The energy pouring through the water will boost you up as you raft across the fresh waters of the Betwa river.

  • Discover Ram Raja Temple’s Exciting History

The history of the Ram Raja Temple provides travellers with an insight into Lord Rama’s life and the Bundela kingdom. It is thought to be the lone place where the Lord is revered as the divine king and sovereign. Ram Raj also refers to the kingdom of the perfect monarch, a realm where everyone is content and well-cared for. If you have time, relax beside the river and listen to the locals or tour guides tell tales and folklore.

  • Attend the Orchha Fort Light and Sound Show

The light and sound performance at Orchha Fort beautifully displays Orchha’s great past. When the palace is transformed into a digital orchestra, the magnificence of medieval Indian architecture is readily apparent.

Phool Bagh


For a comfortable stay while traveling, finding a good, budget-friendly, and well-serviced hotel is critical. Though there are many hotels in Orchha Madhya Pradesh that are reasonably priced, we would recommend the following for their superior amenities. 


Sheesh Mahal offers a royal experience. It is the right blend of old-world beauty, modern amenities, and outstanding Indian hospitality. The opulent décor is complemented by stunning colors that highlight Orchha’s illustrious heritage.

Raja Udait Singh, Maharaja of Orchha, used to live in the posh hotel. The palace also includes a restaurant on the premises that serves Chinese and South Indian cuisines.

The restaurant is also known for its delectable Indian cuisine dishes, which are served in a palatial setting, perfecting the fine dining experience.


So folks, when are you packing your backpacks and tying up the shoes? The worth visiting Historic Town of Orchha Madhya Pradesh is waiting for you. Get up and get lost in the tales of History, the green lush of Nature, and feel the most royalty in this historic town of Madhya Pradesh. 

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