Manuabhan Tekri

The Manuabhan Tekri is located on the Bhopal to Gwalior Road. It is situated on the top of the hill which cannot be missed by anyone while traveling on that road. The Tekri is little outside the main city of Bhopal. There is also a Jain temple located at the top of the Tekri which is why many people go there.

It is one of the best places in Bhopal for all the people no matter what age or class they belong to. The time for visiting the temple is 6:30 am to 8 pm.


Manua Bhan Ki Tekri is also known as Mahavir Giri. This name was kept by the Governor of Madhya Pradesh and a dedicated road was built to reach the hill with ease. This slope is having a rise of 1300 feet above the mean ocean level.

Mantug was a Scoffer in the court of Emperor Bhoj and his occupation was to entertain the King with different comedies and acts. When he got exhausted with his position and left the court. He devoted himself to religious and spiritual exercises, later he was known as Mantugacharya. The hill is dedicated to him and Manua Bhan is the compromised name of Mantugacharya.

How to reach

There are many transportation ways available to reach the Manuabhan Tekri.

The easiest and most comfortable way to reach the Tekri is to hire a taxi. The taxi might charge around Rs. 300 for one side.

While, the other ways of traveling can be by bus, by rickshaw, by your own vehicle. If you travel by bus or rickshaw, it might drop you off at the starting point of the hill. From where the top is about 3.5 km to 4 km by foot.

There is also another option available once you reach the starting point of the hill. Bhopal ropeway is also available there. It will cost you Rs. 80 for one side. It takes around 10 minutes to reach through the ropeway. The view in the ropeway is also very beautiful.

If you choose to walk and go to the top. It will take you around 45 mins to 1 hour to reach the top. If you find it difficult to choose how to go on further then you might choose the ropeway if you just want to visit the temple and enjoy the view from the top. Otherwise, if you want to have some adventure and getting a little tired is fine then go on foot. In this way, you can explore some hidden places which are not on the direct route to the top of the Tekri.

Manuabhan Tekri History

Local Cuisine

The food of Bhopal incorporates a part of the extremely delicious vegan dishes alongside unusual and rich non-veggie lover dishes as well. The food which you can never miss in Bhopal is poha. Bhopal is famous for its Poha-jalebi combination. There are many food items that are definitely a must-try when you visit Bhopal. These are as follows:

  • Bhopali paan
  • Achar Gosht
  • Seekh Kebab
  • Bafla
  • Biryani Pilaf

Other than these main must-try dishes. If you are someone who likes street food and never misses exploring it. Then you should definitely visit ‘Chatori Gali’ in Bhopal to try the street food there. The best street food in Bhopal is available there.


  • Premium Hotel (Taj Lakefront Hotel)

Price – Rs. 8868/ per night (Approximately)

The hotel is located on the Bhadbhada road near the lake.

  • Deluxe Hotel (Hotel Ranjit’s Lakeview)

Price – Rs. 2160/ per night (Approximately)

The hotel is located in Shyamla hills.

  • Budget-friendly (Jheelam Homestay)

Price – Rs. 700/ per night (Approximately)

The place is located in the upper lake area of Bhopal.


  • The best time to visit the Tekri is from December to March in the evening.
  • Carry light if you’re going to walk to the top.
  • Definitely, carry a Water bottle.
  • There is a playing area and a restaurant at the top so don’t worry.
  • Temple premises do not allow cameras inside. Try to leave your camera in your car and first visit the temple and then go on with your camera.
  • Don’t go on foot during monsoon as the roads are very slippery and mammals might appear.
  • It is the right place for adventure lovers in Bhopal.
  • Try to go in the evening so as to enjoy the sunset.


Manuabhan Tekri is a famous tourist destination that has a peaceful and as well as lively ambiance. You can find peace inside and enjoy the view of the whole city outside. The topmost point of Bhopal and is the best place to for a sunset view. Monsoon can also be a good time to visit the place but go through the ropeway. In monsoon, you will find the clouds moving beneath you in the green. If you like places at height then this might be your only option in Bhopal. Go and explore it!  

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