Punjab Harvest Festival Food
Punjab Harvest Festival Food

People consider the Harvest festival in Punjab as an occasion to visit Baisakhi mela and cut down the crops of farmers. But do you know why every single person is excited for the harvest festival in Punjab? 

Well, the answer is the food items that are cooked during the time of the harvest festival. In this post we are going to talk about some of the food items which you should never miss out on during your trip to the harvest festival in Punjab. 

The Harvest Festival in Punjab takes place around 13th-14th January every year which comes in the winters here. Hence all the food items that are going to be in this list will be specific for the winter weather. Here are the food items totry out during the Harvest Festival:

  • Makki Di Roti &Sarso Da Saag 

The first option from the list is Makki di roti and sarso da saag. In Punjabi families you will notice that every single person will wait for winters to come so that they can have the amazing sarso ka saag with makki ki roti. 

Now you will have this question: why can’t we cook this food item in summers as well? Well, the answer is, most of the ingredients that are used to cook sarso ka saag won’t be available during the summers. 

Also, the actual taste of saag and makki ki roti can be enjoyed only during the winters. 

  • Gajar Matar Sabzi 

Although you will notice that gajar and matar are those two vegetables which are sold throughout the year, but the kind of taste that you get of gajarmatar sabzi during the winters, you won’t get during any other time period. 

The gajarmatar sabzi also contains a lot of desi ghee which makes it tasty and better for the winters. Make sure that whenever you are visiting Punjab during the Harvest festival in the winter, you should surely have gajarmatar sabzi with chapatis. 

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  • Bharwe Karela 

Bharwa Karela is a dish in which you would have to deep fry karela and add masala in that karela by taking out the seeds from it. This dish will offer you a tangy and spicy taste, if you are someone who loves to have spicy food then this food item is for you. 

Along with Bharwe Karela you can get lassi. This combination is amazing and will enhance the overall taste. 

  • Palak Paneer 

Paneer dishes are made throughout the year in Punjab and all over India, but today we are going to talk about one such dish of paneer which is specifically made during the winter season and that is Palak Paneer. 

With the help of this highly nutritious dish, you would be able to notice a number of health benefits such as better heart health, controlled blood sugar levels, enhanced bone health, and many more. 

If you want to have good taste and nutritious food then Palak Paneer is the perfect option for you. 

  • Dal Makhni 

Dal Makhni is the comfort food for every single Punjabi. It has been noticed that Punjabis eat dal makhni in every situation. 

The biggest reason why you should have dal makhni during the harvest festival season is during the winter season you will notice a lot of butter being added in the dish and you get that amazing flavor of butter. 

  • Methi Aloo 

Although Methi Aloo is the one such dish that you can cook easily within no time, but the taste of this dish is amazing. Here’s a quick tip to cook the best aloo methi and that is you should boil the potatoes before actually starting the cooking procedure of this dish.

Try this delicious food during the harvest festival for its mouth-watering taste. 

  • Bharta

Most of you must be unaware of what bharta is, it’s a food item that is made using eggplant. In this dish the egg plant’s outer surface is removed and the inner part is roasted properly then a lot of spices are added in them along with ghee or butter.

In this dish a lot of tomatoes are added which makes it the tangiest dish you will ever have. 

  • Kadhi Pakoda 

Kadhi Pakoda is one such dish that you can find here in Punjab throughout the year, but if you want to get the actual taste of this dish then you should try it out during the winters. You can also have Kadhi Pakoda with makki ki roti, it’s one of the best combinations you will ever eat. 

In Kadhi pakoda you will notice pakoda made up of potatoes and onions, secondly this dish is also made spicy and tangy. 

  • Paneer Bhurji 

Paneer bhurji is one such food item that will keep you warm for a longer time in the winters of Punjab. If you are traveling to Punjab during winters and want to have some tasty paneer dish then paneer bhurji with extra butter is something you should have with chapatis. 

This dish is made using paneer, onions, chillies, butter, and a few spices. 

  • Amritsari Fish 

If you are a non-veg lover and want to check out non-veg food items that you should never miss out during the harvest festival in Punjab, then that is Amritsari fish. It’s deep-fried fish which is marinated with special punjabi masalas that make the fish tastier, secondly you would be able to have this fish with green sauce that will enhance the overall taste. 


Now you know the Harvest festival is not only known for the harvesting season in Punjab but along with that you can have amazing food items during this season. We have discussed a few food items which you should definitely try out during your travel to Punjab in winters. 

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