Top Cafes in Pathankot

Are you someone who is traveling to Pathankot with your friends for the first time, and one of the biggest issues that you have right now is, you don’t know about the places in Pathankot. 

You are unaware of hotels, tourist spots, and most important the cafes. Well, we can definitely talk about hotels and tourist spots in Pathankot in the coming blogs, but this time we are going to talk about top cafes in Pathankot which you can explore with your friends and have an amazing experience. 

Top Cafes in Pathankot

There are a number of factors on the basis of which one should select a cafe, but here we are going to talk about the best cafes to explore in Pathankot which have shown great reviews in almost every sector. 

Let us have a look at the list: 

  • Barista

Well, you all must be aware of Barista, it’s one of the best and most popular coffee places where you can get various types of coffees along with sandwiches, cookies, and many more such things.

If you are someone who is looking forward to finding the best coffee shop in Pathankot nearby National Highway then Barista is the best option for you.

In case if you are looking forward to sweet food options such as pastries, cake, ice cream and more, then again Barista is one of the best places to visit. 

Location: Jammu Jalandhar Dalhousie Highway, near MSP Cinema, Pathankot, Punjab

  • Eden Café

The next option from the list of top cafes in Pathankot is Eden Cafe which has a completely different vibe. It is a complete dine-in and also offers takeaway orders. Right after visiting this cafe, you would be able to get a modern cafe look along with a long and amazing menu. 

Within this cafe you would be able to get a menu which is way bigger than a normal cafe such as you get sandwiches, coffee and that too of various options. 

If you are looking for a cozy place in Pathankot where you want to celebrate something or spend some time in a quiet cafe then the Eden Cafe is your option. 

Location: Simble Chowk, near UCO bank, Pathankot, Punjab

  • My Little Cafe 

The worst part when choosing cafes is they would offer you a menu with a number of overpriced food items. And, when you order something, you get the food in very less quantity that doesn’t even fill a person’s stomach. 

But the cafe we are going to talk about now is not from the same group, as we are talking about My Little Café.

The best part of this cafe is, you would be able to get good quality food items in higher quantities. 

The menu of this place is also bigger, you can order coffee, burgers, cake, mocktails and many more such things. The quantity of every order is good enough to fill a person’s stomach. 

Location: Saili Road, Beauty Avenue, Pathankot

  • Madre Café

You know what was most missed at cafes? A good quality chai. But at this point we are going to talk about Madre Cafe which is one such cafe in Pathankot that offers great chai along with coffee. 

Right after visiting Madre Cafe the first thought that will strike your mind is, the place is so beautiful and offers an amazing experience. Secondly you would be able to get the best chai in the town at this cafe. 

It can be considered as one of the most modern and technology driven cafes of Pathankot. The next best reason to visit this place is you would be able to get a variety of food items be it in coffee or fries.

The list of food items here is never ending. 

Location: S -3, 675, Dalhousie Road, Bata Showroom, Near Shani Dev Mandir, Pathankot 

  • Planet of the Shakes

We think that it’s clear from the place’s name about their uniqueness and most sold product. Yes, it’s shakes, here at Planet of the shakes you would be able to find a number of milkshakes from strawberry, blue berry, black currant, mango, banana, and many more. 

Although a lot of people think that at this place you only get good milkshakes, but that’s not the case, as you would be able to find food items like burgers, fries, coffee, mocktails and many more. 

In case if you are looking for smaller yet cool cafes that offer quality food items then Planet of the Shakes is the best option for you. 

Location: Dalhousie Road, Pathankot

  • YI Cafe & Co-Working

If you are traveling to Pathankot not just to explore but to work as well, then we would suggest you visit YI Cafe & Co-Working, as this is not just a quiet and hygienic cafe, but along with that it’s a co-working space as well. 

Here at this place, you would be able to find food items like coffee, cookies, cakes, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, fries and more. 

The overall vibe of this place is amazing, if you are going to do some deep focus work at this cafe, you should go for it, as this place is very quiet and non-disturbing. 

Location: Dalhousie Road, Mamun, Pathankot 


Finding the right cafe in Pathankot can be a challenging task for everyone traveling there, hence we think with this post we have solved one of your crucial problems. We have mentioned cafes which are suitable for fun activities, work, quiet places and many more such categories. 

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