The greatest aspect of monsoons is that nature is at its pleasant best! Moving mists, hazy climate,

green carpets and waterfalls wake up! The beautiful white streams of water falling down mountains

and rock edges are really an incredible sight. Khandi Waterfall is found simply at a speedy drive/ride from Pune city!

Khandi, Thokarwadi dam and Enroute waterfalls, situated around 75 km from Pune. You need to

take the old Pune-Mumbai highway towards Mumbai and take a right turn from Kanhe Phata, then,

at that point, in the wake of crossing the railway gate and going around 30 km, you will arrive at the

base town Khandi encompassed by Thokarwadi dam. This spot is flawlessly encircled by greenery all

around, the landscape of the mountains and backwater is so awesome. There are numerous

waterfalls enroute like Bendewadi waterfall, Jagtap waterfall.

In order to plan your one-day trip carry your food just assuming it is possible, or have it at Kanhe, or

Takave village. After Takave town it is difficult to find a decent hotel.


Khandi Waterfall is situated in Khandi, a little town found only 75 km away from Pune. For the

people who don’t know Maval Taluka is waterfall heaven with more than 20 waterfalls. Khandi

waterfall is only one of these marvels as you’ll likewise run over others be specific Bendewadi,

Lalwadi and Jagtap waterfalls.

Khandi Waterfall

You can approach the lower level and dip your feet and sit at the bottom of the waterfall. Or on the other hand, you can travel a little higher which will expect you to stroll the other way of the water stream to get to higher ground. The stones can get slippery and indeed, it is a risky undertaking.

You can go through a decent half-day at the waterfall and appreciate nature at its ideal. You really do have to carry your own water and food (in any case, kindly don’t litter) to satisfy your craving. If you have any desire to explore further, drive to Khandi Point which is a little dam.

How to reach

From Pune, it is around 75km. The best to reach this waterfall is by private vehicles as you can stop at any scenic location as you want. You can also take train which goes to Lonavala and get down at Kahne Phata.

Best season to Travel

You can visit during monsoons i.e from June to August as due to the continuous raining the

scenery is so beautiful. Most of the travellers come here from nearby cities to enjoy one day trip.

Local cuisine / Accommodation

For food, very few shops are available as it is a remote place. If you are not coming from Pune then

would like to suggest finding a place to stay in Pune City. Where lots of options are available for food

and accommodation.

In local shops, you will mostly find local foods like vada pav, misal pav, rice roti and besan, tea, bhajiis, Maggi. But, sometimes it could cost more to purchase all the food from the locals, it would better to carry some food and water on your own.

Do’s and Dont’s

1. Take all essentials like food, water and anything else which is required for you. As very few shops

are available as it is the village.

2. Best time to visit is during monsoons i.e., June to August.

3. At some points, villagers can ask for nominal fees to go through their fields to reach the waterfall


4. Wear trek shoes to climbing easily

5. Carry warm clothes and one extra set of clothes as it might get cold after being wet.

6. Don’t litter this beautiful location


Situated at a distance of 75 kilometers from Pune, Khandi Waterfall is the truly flawless spot for one day trip.

For Waterfall lovers, it is literally a paradise and offers great scenic spots to please your soul. There are so many places from Khandi which you can cover after seeing this spot. These spots are Baneshwar Waterfalls, Malsej Ghat, Matheran Hill Station, Madhe Ghat, Thoseghar

Waterfalls, Mulshi Dam Waterfalls, Amboli Ghat, Kundalika Valley and many more.

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