Lonar Lake, it is a place which is created due to a meteorite collision.

Lonar Lake It is also known as the Lonar crater. Being a notified Geo heritage site with saline and alkaline water. This place is also designated as a wildlife sanctuary to conserve animals and plants and also the lake.

It is located in the Buldana district of Maharashtra. The distance between Lonar town to Aurangabad city

is 141.3 km.


Lonar Lake exists in the main known extra-terrestrial effect hole found inside the incomparable

Deccan Traps, a tremendous basaltic development in India. The lake was at first accepted to be of

volcanic beginning, yet presently it is perceived as an effect pit. Lonar Lake was made by the effect of

either a comet or of a space rock. The presence of plagioclase that has been either changed over

into maskelynite or contains planar disfigurement highlights has affirmed the effect beginning of this

cavity. It is believed that at the place of the lake whole village get buried under the asteroid.

Facts about Lonar Lake

The lake was first referenced in quite like the Skanda Purana and the Padma Purana. It was once

important part of the Maurya Empire and afterwards part of the Satavahana Empire. The Chalukyas

and Rashtrakutas additionally administered this region. During the time of the Mughals, Yadavas,

Nizam and the British, trade thrived around here. Many temples are found on the fringe of the Lake

are referred to as Yadava temples and furthermore as Hemadpanti temples (named after Hemadri


Geological facts about Lonar Lake –

Lonar Crater is located in basaltic bedrock in Maharashtra.

Though the exact age of Crater Lake is not known, it is estimated to be older than 52,000 years.

Many geologists also consider the crater lake has a Volcanic origin.

But some opine that the lake was created as the impact of meteor’s collision with the Earth.

It is located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra.

It is also been tagged as ‘Geological Heritage’; by the Geological Survey of India.

Interesting facts about Lonar Lake –

The name ‘Lonar’ is originated after the name of the demon Lonasura.

It is the only crater lake created in Basaltic rocks by the hypervelocity impact.

The meteor collided with the Earth at a speed, 42 times more than the speed of sound.

The weight of the meteor was around 2 million tonnes.

The impact created a 1.8 kilometer wide and 150-meter-deep crater.

The shape of the crater is oval-shaped.

The lake has two distinct water regions which do not intermix with each other.

The outer region of the lake has water with pH value 7.

The inner region has highly alkaline water with pH value 11.

Monitor lizards are found in abundance in the lake.

The Lonar Crater Lake has forced scientists and geologists to find answers to some of the most

Interesting questions.

In July 2020, the Lonar Lake turned Pink suddenly.

The reason was due to the appearance of salt-loving Haloarchaea microbe on large scale.

Indian Mythological facts about Lonar Lake –

In Valmiki Ramayana, the lake has been referred to as ‘Panchapsar’

Kalidas has also mentioned the lake in his famous text ‘Raghuvansh’

During the return of Lord Ram from Srilanka to Ayodhya, Lord Rama had hinted Lordess Sita to watch the Lake.

Lonarasur was a demon living inside the water body of the lake. He was killed by Lord Vishnu under

the lake.

By taking inspiration from this story, Chalukya Kingdom had constructed the ‘Dattya Sudan Mandir’

in this region.

It is the finest sculpture to date.

Dattya Sudan Mandir

How to reach

From Aurangabad, it is around 141 km. The best way to reach this place is by a private vehicle or government buses.

Local cuisine / Accommodation

For food, many places are available as it is large town and religious place also.

In local shops, you will find local. However, accommodation options will be limited. Guides are also available to give you relevant information. Due to geographical uniqueness, it attracts many foreign tourists, researchers and scientist.

Best time to visit

One can visit it during winter as it is easy to go down in the lake. To enjoy the best view, please visit it early in the morning or just before sunset.

Do’s and Dont’s

1. Carry water bottles and other essentials things.

2. At some points, villagers can ask for nominal fees to go through their fields to reach the waterfall


3. Wear trek shoes to climbing easily and go down easily to see the lake.

4. Try to wear cotton clothes which are not white.


Being only one in the world, it is a place where many tourists visit out of curiosity and its uniqueness

by being made due to the asteroid collision. Due to the religious importance, this place also attracts

many local people.


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