The Adalaj Stepwell

Do you want to know what was the source of water during the old times? How was the water stored for the daily chores and for drinking? History buffs might know about it in detail. Whereas, everyone else would have heard about step wells. Ahmedabad is known for its historical monuments which speak about the history and its culture.

The Adalaj step well or popularly known as Adalaj Ki Vav is the most prominent step well in Ahmedabad. Vav means stepwell in the Gujarati language. In Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, it is called Baoli, Kund in Rajasthan and it has many other names also.

The time to visit the Adalaj Stepwell is from 6 am to 6 pm. There is no entry fee required to explore this historical stepwell. It is one of its types of the stepwell. As the workers were killed by the Sultan after its completion to avoid replication.


The Adalaj Stepwell was built in 1498 by Queen Rudabhai of Vaghela Dynasty. According to history, it is said that the kingdom faced shortage of water. Thus, to overcome the shortage of water the step well was built. Though the construction of the well was started during the Vaghela Dynasty but was delayed due to a war between the Vaghela dynasty and the Sultan of Gujarat, Mahmud Begada.

The Vaghela dynasty came to end but the Sultan fell in love with Queen Rudabhai and asked her to marry him. The queen agreed on a condition that the construction of the well should be completed. After, the step well was completed the Queen asked a few saints to bathe in the water to make it holy. Then, she jumped and died in the step well.

How to reach the Adalaj Stepwell

The Adalaj stepwell lies at a distance of 3-4 kms from Gandhinagar and 18 kms from Ahmedabad.

To reach the stepwell from Gandhinagar only taxis are available. You can book a taxi and reach the location easily. Whereas, to reach the stepwell from Ahmedabad there are other options available. You can get a bus from Kalapur and Paldi bus stops. 

Adalaj Stepwell History

The local cuisine of Gujarat

There is a popular saying in the Gujarati language that means dining at Surat and dying in Varanasi is the way to heaven. Gujarati Cuisine only offers vegetarian mouth-watering food.

The Gujarati Thali is the highlight there. You should definitely try thali in order to experience the varieties of Gujarati dishes. A thali is a collection of vegetarian appetizers, curries with different bases, pulses, chutney, pickles, salad, rice, and bread.

Other dishes which you should try when in Gujarat are:

  • Khandvi
  • Gujarati Samosa
  • Undhiyu
  • Aam Srikhand
  • Dhokla
  • Fafda
  • Dabeli
  • Khakhra
  • Basundi
  • Mawa Gujiya

These are all some authentic Gujarati dishes. Some of these are only found in Gujarat. When you are visiting the Adalaj stepwell definitely try some these or all of these if possible.

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Adalaj Ki Vav in Gujarat

Facts about Adalaj Stepwell

  • The Adalaj Stepwell is constructed in such a manner that the temperature remains 6 degrees less than the outside temperature.
  • The stepwell is constructed in an octagonal shape
  • There are three entrances into the stepwell.
  • A very different feature of the stepwell is that there is navgrah at the end of the well which is said to be protecting it from evil spirits.
  • It was made with a well-planned method in order to hold enough water for local people.
  • There is an opening in the ceiling that allows the light to enter the Stepwell and makes it look stunning.
  • Each floor in the stepwell has enough area to hold gatherings.
  • The walls of the Adalaj stepwell have carving, sculptures, and ornamentation.


Gujarat is popular for many things and one of them is tourism. Ahmedabad in Gujarat is one of the most visited cities for work and leisure. There are some really popular historical monuments around the city. Whereas, the Adalaj stepwell is located in Gandhinagar the capital of Gujarat. Gandhinagar is about 19 kms away from Ahmedabad the largest city in Gujarat. The Adalaj ki vav is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India as a tourist destination. It is a delight to the eyes if you are a history buff. An attractive spot for photographers and filmmakers.

Do remember to keep this spot in your travel itinerary while planning your trip to Gujarat. Adalaj Ki Vav, the one of its kinds of stepwell the.

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