Hauz Khas Village in Delhi

Hauz Khas Village is a place in South Delhi where everyone can enjoy. If you are a history lover, a shopping freak, or a nature enthusiast this place has something or the other for each one of you.

Hauz Khas has some of the most amazing cafes in the city. Along with this, the place is also popular for its electrifying nightlife, boutiques, and art galleries.

Hauz Khas has been well known since ancient eras. Hauz Khas Village holds the old architecture of Islamic engineering. The historical background of the two words Hauz Khas in the Persian language signifies ‘Hauz’= Tank and Khas=’Royal’ meaning the Royal water tank relating to the water tank around which the entire design is assembled.  

The main places which you might enjoy exploring in Hauz Khas are Hauz Khas Fort, The Deer Park, Rose Garden, and Hauz Khas lake.


The Hauz Khas Village is usually called the HKV or the Urban village of Delhi. Hauz Khas harbors an Islamic theological college or a Madrasa that has been laid out in 1352. Along with a mosque, Firoz Shah’s tomb, and six of the greatest multi-formed structures with domes developed around a water tank.

The development can be followed back to the thirteenth century during the rule of the Delhi Sultanate.

The tomb of Feroz Shah Tughlak, a famous leader of the Tughlak dynasty, is towards the end of the road.

How to reach

Traveling in Delhi is easy and convenient due to the presence of the metro. You can also reach Hauz Khas by cab or bus. The nearest bus stop is Hauz Khas stop, near Aurobindo Marg. Whereas, if you are coming by cab or an auto-rickshaw the driver will drop you in front of the road from where the market begins.

The metro is also available. The stop nearest is the Hauz Khas stop itself. Also, the Green Park stop is located near it. From there take an auto-rickshaw and reach the main market area. The auto-rickshaw will cost you around Rs.50.

Hauz Khas Village History

Local Cuisine

Hauz Khas has one of the trendiest places which offers different delicacies. The café and restaurants here offer a mix of continental, Indian, and Asian cuisine. Hauz Khas is the best place if you crave to eat something specific. The place does not have a cuisine of its own but rather has all the cuisines from all over the world.

While in Hauz Khas, definitely try the lemon soda and lemon soda bar. These can be found easily on the streets there. The lemon soda which you will drink there will definitely give relief and make you energetic after exploring the area.

The lemon soda here is very different and will make you want to drink it again and again. Whereas the lemon soda bar is a kind of ice cream, some people might call it ice-gola. The taste this ice cream leaves afterwards is something which you might never be able to forget.

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  • Visit the art galleries in Hauz Khas.
  • Carry a bag with you if you are a shopping freak. As the place has many thrift stores which you might not be able to resist.
  • Carry your camera as you might want to capture the nature around in your lens.
  • Wear comfortable footwear if you are out on the streets of Hauz Khas to explore.
  • Explore some cafes here as they are different from the others around the city.
  • Visit the Hauz Khas lake in the evening.
  • Entry to Deer Park is free.
  • Students get special discounts in cafes and pubs.
Hauz Khas Village


A place that offers lush greenery and peace to everyone. New Delhi does not have many quiet places inside the city with a relaxing view. Hauz Khas village is one such place that provides relief to everyone. For history lovers, Hauz Khas Fort is there. For art enthusiasts, many art galleries are present there. For nature and wildlife explorers, Deer Park and Hauz Khas lake is the best place to visit and enjoy the serenity. If you are someone who is fond of food and wants to explore many different cuisines then Hauz Khas has some of the best cafes for you. What you are required to do is go and explore. If you are a student then definitely you might never want to miss the nightlife here. Do explore this area while visiting New Delhi.

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