Ramtek in Maharashtra

Ramtek is considered as a tiny town to the east of Nagpur and roughly 42 kms from Nagpur city. The Hindus of Nagpur hold this spot with high respect in light of the relationship of this spot with the Hindu divinity Lord Rama.

There is a slope found exceptionally near Ramtek and the name of this hill fort is Ramgiri Hill. The well-known shrine of Lord Rama found in Ramtek is situated on this hill and it is accepted that the sanctuary is over 600 years of age. This sanctuary fills in as the principal traveler weakening of the city.

Ramtek Nagpur is cited at 79.33oE 21.4oN and the elevation of this hill is 345 meters. The principal vacation destinations at Ramtek are Ram Temple and Khindasi Lake.

Ramtek is a delightful town and furthermore a civil corporation in the region of Nagpur, situated in the state of Maharashtra.

There is incredible history related with Ramtek Nagpur. The notable and well-known Lord Rama’s shrine is situated in Ramtek. It is believed that Ramtek is a place where Lord Rama rested here during exile from kingdom.

History also says that Agastya, the Hindu sage, also had his ashram found extremely close to the city of Ramtek. The evil presences enjoyed the most common way of disrupting the religious customs and exercises that were performed by the sages, and they likewise killed numerous heavenly men.

Lord Rama could bar to hear this any longer, and hence he made a promise or a commitment to ease the whole world from the dangerous and the misleading exercises of the devils.

Locally, the word ‘Tek’ means promise and henceforth the expression Ramtek signifying ‘Commitment of Ram’. It is likewise accepted that any individual, who makes a promise or a commitment at this spot, is presented by the gifts of Gods for the satisfaction of their promise. Individuals have been loving Lord Rama’s ‘padukas’ at this spot for hundreds of years.

It is believed that Lord Rama’s temple in Ramtek built by Nagpur King Raghuji Bhonsale, after successfully capturing the Deogarh fort at Chindwara. The sanctuary of Lord Rama in Ramtek is situated on a slope called Ramgiri Hills.

Ramtek is likewise extremely famous due to its connection with the famous poet Kalidasa. History says that the magnificence of the Ramgiri Hill motivated Kalidasa to compose Meghdootum and this beautiful poem was written on these hills.

History of Ramtek

How to reach
From Nagpur, it is around 42 kms. Best way to reach is through private vehicle or cabs. Nearest airport and railway station are also in Nagpur.

Local cuisine / Accommodation
For food, many places are available as it is a large town and religious place too.

In local shops, you will find local food and many places to stay. Guides are also available to give you the relevant information.

Due to geographical uniqueness, it attracts many tourists. You can stay at Nagpur also, as it is a big city and you can easily visit so many different places nearby.

Do’s & Dont’s

1. You can visit during Ram Navami festival for its colourful festive spirit.

2. Best time to visit is during monsoons and winter.

3. Wear cotton clothes as the temperature is high during summers and if you visiting during winter carry warm clothes.


Ancient stories from far and wide suggest that Lord Rama passed this way during his time of exile. There are temples devoted to Rama and Lakshmana. At the foot of the slope is an enchanting inland lake Ramsagar. Ramtek is a fine intersection of dedication, writing and history. The area of the shrine is inside the premises of a stronghold that is sited on a slope. There is unpolluted air found on this slope and this is the justification for why the climate of the slope and the sanctuary is very reviving.

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