Ramtek in Nagpur

Top 5 Street Delicacies to Try in Kolkata

FoodBy kalyani - 17/01/2023

Kolkata, the gateway to Eastern India is famous among tourists for its rich culture, extensive shopping spree, and delicacies that are a joy for every foodie. Kolkata is a food lover’s paradise offering unlimited varieties of food, from savoury snacks to sweet delicacies. While you can enjoy these delicacies in the city’s top-notch restaurants, the […]

Explore Aundha Nagnath Temple During Religious Tour of Maharashtra

WestBy kalyani - 17/01/2023

Aundha Nagnath Temple is an ancient Hindu religious place dedicated to Lord Shiva. Situated in the Hingoli district of Maharashtra, this temple is the eighth of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Spread over an area of 60,000 sq. ft, Aundha Nagnath temple stands 60 ft tall and covers an area of 7200 sq. ft. There are various […]

Trip to Trimbakeshwar will Leave You in Spiritual Serenity

WestBy kalyani - 17/01/2023

Trimbakeshwar is an ideal place for nature lovers and this will also be a spiritual getaway. Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling temple in Nashik is home to one of the most famous and unique jyotirlings of Lord Shiva. Trimbakeshwar village is 28 kms away from Nashik. Anjaneri Mountain, the birth place of Lord Hanuman is also situated at […]

Feel the Spiritual Vibes at Ramtek in Maharashtra

WestBy kalyani - 17/01/2023

Ramtek is considered as a tiny town to the east of Nagpur and roughly 42 kms from Nagpur city. The Hindus of Nagpur hold this spot with high respect in light of the relationship of this spot with the Hindu divinity Lord Rama. There is a slope found exceptionally near Ramtek and the name of […]

Explore Valley of Flowers at Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra’s Satara

WestBy kalyani - 17/01/2023

Kaas Pathar or Plateau situated in the Satara region comprises different varieties of flowers that sprout at a specific time of the year. This plateau is engraved in the UNESCO World Heritage Localities list under the name of the Western Ghats. HistoryKaas Pathar is formed by volcanic rocks in the Satara area of Maharashtra which […]

Khandi Waterfall in Pune is best place to Visit in Monsoon

WestBy kalyani - 17/01/2023

Introduction The greatest aspect of monsoons is that nature is at its pleasant best! Moving mists, hazy climate, green carpets and waterfalls wake up! The beautiful white streams of water falling down mountains and rock edges are really an incredible sight. Khandi Waterfall is found simply at a speedy drive/ride from Pune city! Khandi, Thokarwadi […]

Visit Lonar Lake to unwind its Mystery

WestBy kalyani - 17/01/2023

Introduction Lonar Lake, it is a place which is created due to a meteorite collision. Lonar Lake It is also known as the Lonar crater. Being a notified Geo heritage site with saline and alkaline water. This place is also designated as a wildlife sanctuary to conserve animals and plants and also the lake. It […]