Best Lassi Outlets in Amritsar

Lassi is one such thing that you will find in every corner of Punjab, no matter if you are traveling to Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Bathinda, or Amritsar. But the thing which is not so common is the taste of lassi at different places in Punjab. 

Lassi at each place has a different and unique taste, not saying that one lassi’s taste is better than others. Just wanted to specify that, every place in Punjab comes with its own taste of lassi which is loved by everyone, and people from all over the Punjab travel from one corner to another just to get that unique taste. 

Here we are going talk about the best lassi from Amritsar. Hence if you are traveling to Amritsar and looking for the best lassi then this blog is for you. 

Taste The Best Lassi in Amritsar

When we talk about food in Amritsar, there will be a long list, but here we have done precise research on the basis of which we have selected few top places to have the best lassi in Amritsar. 

  • Gian Di Lassi

Here is the first option from the list of best lassi in Amritsar and that is Gian di lassi which is situated on Golden Temple out road, Chowk Regent Cinema, Katra Sher Singh, Amritsar, Punjab. 

The major reason because of which this place is at the top of this list is firstly due to the taste of their lassi. You will never find this sweeter and smooth lassi anywhere easily, the second biggest reason behind their growth is they treat their customers in a very humble way. 

The third biggest reason is, they offer lassi at a very economical price when compared to other places.  

  • Chaati Di Lassi

Here is the second option from the list of the best lassi in Amritsar which is Chaati Di Lassi situated at shop no: 21, AJ Tower, 161 162, Court Road, INA Colony, Amritsar. The taste of their lassi is amazing, the owner of this place is using their older masalas to add flavors in their lassi.

This shop also serves you makki di roti and saag along with lassi, hence if you are traveling to Amritsar for the first time then we would suggest you to have their makki di roti and saag along with the lassi and they also pack food if needed.

  • Standard Dairy Amritsar Lassi N Snacks

If you are someone who wants to get numerous snacks along with quality lassi then Standard Dairy Amritsar Lassi N Snacks is the place for you.  Here at this place firstly you are going to notice a lot of fancy lassi flavors which are actually tasty and unique, along with that you can easily pair the lassi with sandwiches, burgers, or any other snack that is available at this place. 

Have you ever noticed the vibe you get whenever you visit a fancy food outlet the same feel you are going to get here, just the difference is you will get great lassi here which you will not find anywhere else. 

  • Punjabi Lassi Point

If you have ever had lassi at food outlets before then you must have noticed one thing that most of the food outlets that offer lassi add a lot of water into their lassi which makes their lassi a bit flavorless. 

In case if you have ever had such lassi filled with water, then you must be looking for thick lassi. If that’s what you are looking for then Punjabi Lassi Point is the perfect spot for you. 

This place is situated at 19-A, near Shastri Market, Amritsar. 

You can visit this place anytime and have thick and flavorful lassi. 

  • Ahuja Lassi

Here is the fifth option from the list of best lassi in Amritsar and that is Ahuja lassi which is situated at B.K Dutt gate, Amritsar. 

Looking for a place that offers you amazing lassi with a number of options like pastries, sweets, sandwiches and more?

Ahuja lassi is the right option for you. The taste of their lassi is out of the world and second biggest reason why people visit this place is, they treat their customers in the best way possible.

The staff and the owner are friendly and you won’t have to wait a lot to get your ordered items as they offer faster services. Ahuja Lassi also offers great phirni.

  • Bharawan Da Dhaba Amritsar

Here is our last option from the list of best lassi in Amritsar which is Bharawan Da Dhaba, situated near Town Hall, Amritsar. This is a dhaba and you would be able to find almost every food item here, but the taste of their lassi is exceptional. 

It is said that it’s the dream lassi of everyone, you would be able to get both sweet and masala lassi here. We would also suggest you to check out their cholle bhature as well. 


Every Punjabi loves lassi, but due to a number of outlets in the market the real and authentic taste of lassi has gone somewhere. But if you are looking for that authentic taste of lassi then the above-mentioned places in Amritsar are the must-check places for you. 

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