When was the last time you spent some quality time with your family sans the existing digital devices?

Let me elaborate it for better understanding – a day or less…without mobile phones, tablet PCs, televisions, laptops/desktops, or any other form of digital engagement! The idea seems quite farfetched, right!!

However, this could be a tad easier for the 80s and 90s kids, as they are fortunate enough to recollect some of their best childhood memories without the gadgets.

Anyway, let me not beat around the bush. The main reason I wanted to bring this up was to share my two-day experience without digital devices at the farm stay in Hyderabad – Life@Prakasham.

Trust me when I reiterate this beautiful phrase – found on the internet, of course – “Spontaneity is the best kind of Adventure”! Why? Because that’s how we planned our two-day trip to the beautiful farm stay.

We got up one Friday morning… decided to go somewhere…heard about the destination on YouTube… enquired about the accommodation… booked a room…a few litres of petrol and 45 minutes of drive on ORR and highway…we were at Life@Prakasham.

The farm stay is quite accessible from the city. All you have to do is set the location on the Google Maps and strap up for a long relaxing drive!

The exquisite property, owned by one of the most versatile actors in the film industry – Prakash Raaj, stands true to its tagline – “A Life Away From City Hustle!” Unlike the regular farm stays, Life@Prakasham offers an experience that is closer to home!

The entrance to the farm stay, with a typical gate and milestone…, is an ‘instagrammable’ moment for many! Few yards into the entrance you’re greeted by lush mango trees on either side of pathways…like an avenue! The accommodations are nestled amongst the greenery offering the visitors privacy and a chance to reconnect with nature.

Accommodation @ Prakasham:

Each accommodation has its inspiration and design. The concept of the rooms was envisaged by Prakash Raaj and his wife Pony Verma…which they had developed during the pandemic.

Ivy Zen House

These are the options available to the visitors according to Life@Prakasham website. 

Exclusive Zen Rooms – Jade Zen, Azure Zen, Arki Zen & Ivy Zen

Compact mini homes, complete with an indoor sitting space, an open-air bathroom, air-conditioned bedroom with an extended window-ledge space fitted with an extra queen-size mattress that can be used as a sitting area or extra sleeping space.

  • Hive

A two-tier structure with an innovative design. The lower room’s ceiling is aesthetically embedded with mud pots in a honeycomb fashion which enhances acoustics and keeps the visitors cool.

  • Ponderers Room

Beautiful modernistic twin rooms leveled down to meet the surface of our quaint pond. Visitors can experience being woken up by the rays of the morning sun and the chirping birds knocking at the door.

  • Weavers Nest

A pair of originally designed mud homes lined with handcrafted heritage Aathangudi tiles from Karaikudi. Amidst the Mango orchards lie the Weaver’s Nests. Minimal yet embracing with an open bathroom under the trees for a fully immersive natural experience.

  • Burrow

Under the property’s 30 feet Macchan, teasing the tallest trees in the property lies the burrow room. Visitors (from the macchan) can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire farm as well as the horizon over the neighbouring forest reserve. The colourful cosy room is tied together by a collection of assorted vintage windows.

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Macchan view
  • Village House

The jewel of the farm. The village house celebrates rural architecture and its way of life. This stay invokes the art of community living, sharing spaces, and embracing its rural aesthetic. Cool in the summers and warm in the winters thanks to our carefully curated architecture.

  • Zen Den

These shipping containers have travelled all around the world, seasoned with stories, and have finally found a home at Life@Prakasham. Aurovillian masons transformed the containers into aesthetically pleasing container rooms. Visitors can enjoy their evenings, sharing stories on the porch while revelling in nature’s soundscapes.

We happened to book a Zen Room (Jade Zen), as we were two adults plus a baby, and to sum up…it was a great experience!

Food & Drink @ Prakasham:

The farm stay offers delicious home-made food that is cooked fresh on the farm. As Life@Prakasham does not offer room service, the visitors have to dine at the common dining areas – quaint little ‘Indian Kitchen’ and the visually appealing and picturesque ‘Continental Buddha Bar’. It costs Rs 1500 per person for food, which includes breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.

While drinks are not served at the farm stay, alcohol is allowed to be brought in by the visitors. However, the onus of maintaining the decorum is on the latter.

Restaurant Night View

Other Amenities @ Prakasham:

Tropical Pool – A chlorine-free pool seasoned with natural salts, a little oasis perfect for an evening dip.

Lush Lawns – Green open spaces where visitors can curate events or host activities.

Children’s Play Area – Low levelled tree house, slide, trampoline, swing set etc., to keep the children occupied during their stay.

Pool Table, Badminton, Volleyball and Table Tennis – Visitors can rewind and enjoy a game with friends and family.

Treehouses – Places to unwind and engage in meaningful conversations.

Reading spaces – A treat for bibliophiles. The farm stay has beautiful areas…specifically curated for readers. My personal favourite is the space under the treehouse overlooking the pond.

Pool Area

Intricate Walkways – Be it either morning or evening walks, the pathways are sure to light up the time with loved ones.

Bicycling – Visitors can survey the farmstay on bicycles, relax and rewind at beautiful locations inside Prakasham.

Solar Windmill – A trademark of the farmstay as many identify the property by the windmill.

Bonfire Pit – Winters are amazing at the property as the dinner is served at Continental Buddha Bar… facing the bonfire pit, just adjacent to the only pond.

Bird Watching – Those with cameras or binoculars are sure to have a ball spotting the winged visitors to the property.

Pet Friendly – Visitors can bring their ‘pawsome’ friends to the property.

Barbecue on Request

Wi-Fi Available

Mini-tractor rides

Note from the author: There is access to cellular networks at the property, but it is quite limited barring a few networks. So, the visitors will not be in a complete communication blackout! To be or not to be without gadgets is up to the visitor’s discretion.

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