Minyu Pan Asian Restaurant in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is seeing a major change in the way food is being catered. Gone are the days when the public used to have limited choice and were compelled to eat the regular Hyderabadi food. Off late, there are a plethora of restaurants that have come out. Pan Asian foods from various parts of the world are on the rise and Minyu, Hyderabad is one bustling Chinese restaurant in the city. Let’s review it.


Minyu is a simple yet elegantly decked-up place that looks very cozy. It’s not on the plush side or does not look low market. The interior is Asian and there is no traffic hustle so that the customers get disturbed. There is an open drinks bar where the mocktails get served. The tables are comfortable and their decor is simple. The best part of the restaurant is that you get to see the best of the Asian food catered at one place. 

Best dishes to try

Apart from having the regular Chinese dishes, Minyu serves a variety of noodles and Sushi. The manner in which the food is served is also very good. The best dishes to try are the Lotus Stem stir fry if you are a vegetarian. Thai Hot Wings, Prawns in hot oyster sauce and Triple Schezwan fried rice is the best.

The noodles are perfectly cooked and are not that spicy. The Jasmine tea which they serve as soon as we arrive is free and is very tasty. Minyu is also one of those restaurants that serve lamb dishes in plenty. Lamb fried noodle, Lamb in schezwan sauce are the best.


Apart from the variety of ice creams, the best dessert to have is the Minyu Triple Delight which has a mix of ice cream, brownie and yummy layers of sweet decorated on the top. Their Minyu special mocktail is also very yummy.

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Customer Service

One of the best aspects of Minyu is the staff who are very friendly. Their service is good as they explain the dishes along with the ingredients in detail to the customers. Though the restaurant is quite busy, the staff is efficient and very well behaved. They take care of the kids well and serve the food with a lot of love.

Value for money and food portions

Minyu is an out-and-out Pan-Asian restaurant and costs 1200 Rupees for two. The taste is amazing and for all those who like to try new dishes, this restaurant has all the dishes which are new to Hyderabadies. The taste is more on the mild side as the dishes are not that spicy as well. But the portions of the dishes are not that great. Each dish is sufficient only for one person if he goes all out.

Overall experience

Minyu Restaurant is for those who love to try Pan Asian food. For all those who look for cultural dishes and traditional Chinese food dishes, this restaurant is a heavenly place. The taste differs from the regular Chinese items and has a lot of energy and they are not oily at all. It is one of a kind restaurant which is a must visit place in Hyderabad’s Madhapur area.

Extra Info to watch out for

  • Takeaway Available
  • Valet Parking Not Available
  • Busy on weekends


Metropole Apartments, 

Plot no. 5 & 6, 

Image Gardens Rd, 

Silicon Valley, 

Madhapur, Telangana 500081


Open 12 noon – Closes 11:30 PM

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