Chandrampalli Dam Gulbarga

Excited to go on a road trip during this monsoon, then Chandrampalli Dam is a perfect weekend getaway for Hyderabadis. This beautiful destination is about 150 kms from Hyderabad and the journey by road can be a refreshing one for nature lovers.

It is ideal for those who intend to spend time in groups. The cool breeze from serene dam waters removes your stress and leaves you spellbound by the stunning greenery. Situated in Gulbarga of Karnataka, the dam was constructed on the Bhima River that passes through Chandrampalli village.

You can walk on the roadway to the dam’s side and enjoy the pleasant ambiance. To walk in groups with friends and families is a fun experience.

On the dam’s other side, there is Chicholi forest.

What does Chicholi forest have to offer you?

The dense forest can offer you a trekking experience. Adventure freaks can camp on the shores of the dam and enjoy the day amid nature. You can trek to the hilltop and get thrilled with the paranomic view of the chandrampalli Village on one side and the dam on the other. The breathtaking view against the gushing water in the backdrop will leave you spellbound.

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How to Reach

It is about 3-hour drive from Hyderabad. One has to take the Sangareddy and Zaheerabad route and take left turn after reaching Zaheerabad. The destination will be around 34 kms from Zaheerabad.

If travelling from Karnataka side, the dam is at around 84 kms from Kalaburagi.

Food and Accommodation

There is no proper accommodation around the dam but one can find various hotels to stay in Zaheerabad and also when you travel towards Gulbarga.

Travellers have to carry food to the destination as there are no restaurants nearby. Definitely, it would be fun to carry packed food and have it with your close group or family amidst the dense forest and gushing water around.

Nearby Attractions to visit

  • Buddha Vihar

Budda Vihar houses a significant Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre on 18 acres of land sprawling. The shrine reverberating tranquillity and serenity encloses the deity Buddha Chaitya for visitors to go spiritual. The center with traditional Buddhist carvings is a visual treat, and the four 48 feet Ashoka pillars add to its grandeur.

If you are the one to enjoy peace, you must visit Buddha Vihar.

  • Peace Point:

The sharp sun rays falling on the vast green lands can stimulate inner peace. Early mornings are the perfect time to visit the place. It is the campfire spot during the winter seasons.

  • Gulbarga Fort:

It is the most popular and crowded fort in Gulbarga District. The spectacular architecture reveals the facts of the ruling dynasties. The miscellaneous art form is a major attraction.

Chandrampalli Dam

Suggestions to Remember

  • Plan your trip during monsoon to enjoy the picturesque locations and beautiful drive.
  • Start early to feel the early morning breeze from the greenery around
  • Carry trekking shoes if interested to trek in the forest
  • Carry enough food and water as you might not find any local eateries around
  • One can spend some time inside Chincholi Wild life sanctuary
  • Do not litter the place


Chandrampalli Dam is an ideal weekend escape to unwind, revive, and appreciate nature. It is a natural trip to see the cascading waterfalls pouring down and journey through the thick forest.

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