Antharaganga Waterfalls in Hyderabad

Waterfalls are one the most wanted place to relish from the hectic everyday life. There are many waterfalls in the interiors of Telangana and some are yet to explore. It would feel amazing to spot a waterfall very nearby, right?

Do you know that there is a waterfall just 20kms far from LB Nagar in Hyderabad? Antharganga Waterfall is an underrated waterfall located in the midst of hills. The sprawling water gushing through the rocks will mesmerize you. It is the perfect weekend getaway in the rainy season. It is located at Kawadipally village near Ramoji Film City.

The adventure freaks and nature enthusiasts can make the most of the place. The place is adventurous because you need to trek up through a narrow rocky path to reach the hilltop. Although it is challenging and exhausting, all your efforts get rewarded with the view of breathtaking serene nature with a pristine waterfall flowing down with a crackling sound. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the lush green landscape and a pool in the down streams. The water is clean and crystal clear to play with.

How to reach the Antharaganga waterfall?

This beautiful hidden waterfall is just a couple of kilometers away from NH65 which heads to Vijayawada. When starting your journey from LB Nagar side, the NH65 to reach Abdullahpurmet, about 1km from there you will see a petrol bunk to the left side.

Take the immediate left from the petrol bunk and follow the roadway. You will reach the foot of the hill after traveling for 2km. You can park your vehicle at the parking area and begin your trek up the hill.

In case you are traveling from other corners of the city, it is good to take the ORR and take exit 11 to reach the scenic destination.

Antharaganga Waterfalls

What to carry:

A good pair of trekking shoes that can have a grip on the rocks. It is necessary to be careful while taking a trek due to the slippery path.

As you have to trek to the hilltop, it is advised to carry water and energy bars.

You can have your morning breakfast at home and start to Antharganga hills. You will be back home by lunchtime.


The timing to visit Antharaganga waterfall might vary depending upon the flow of the water and local restrictions.

At present, the waterfall is open till 9:00 am.

Nearby Places to Visit:

Kawadipally village is well-known for the 400-year-old Sri Kondanda Ramachandra Swamy temple. The temple is dedicated to the deity, Lord Rama. The temple has sub-temples that include Hanuman temple, Vinayaka temple, Srimannarayana Sametha Ashtalaxmi temple, Subramanya Swamy temple, and Navagrahas.

Important points to remember:

  • Follow the instructions of locals and be extra careful
  • It is better to go in groups as the trek to the waterfall will be challenging
  • Be a responsible traveler and do not litter the place
  • This waterfall is strictly for adventure enthusiasts


Antharaganga Waterfall is the ideal weekend escape. As it is a lesser-known place, it is the perfect place for those looking to get relief from the stressful daily routine. It is the home of tranquillity. You will enjoy and appreciate nature. It is worth a visit.

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