Day in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is considered as the greenest and cleanest city of Punjab, which is a completely true fact. But along with that, you will also notice that Chandigarh is an extremely secure city as well, because the police and the government keep on developing new rules and regulations for the betterment of this place. 

Along with that, Chandigarh is one such place which is continuously upgrading and getting itself better day by day. All these things are so amazing that every single person from almost every part of Punjab wants to live in Chandigarh, because of the vibe this place has. 

Today in this post we are going to discuss everything about what a day in Chandigarh looks like and will try our best to give you a virtual experience of this city. 

Morning Life of Chandigarh

Everywhere you talk about Chandigarh city the first thing that will come up is the cleanliness of this city and it’s not like one day cleanliness, you will find Chandigarh city clean every single day. 

But most of the people are unaware of the process behind it, the government of Chandigarh is taking strict actions towards the greenery and cleanliness of this city. From the early morning you will notice the government personnel spreading all over the city will start cleaning the city, picking up garbage, and getting the city ready to move one step ahead for the day. 

Along with that you will notice there are a number of gardens, cycling tracks, running tracks, swimming pools, basketball courts, and other such gaming facilities built by the government of Chandigarh all over the city. 

In the morning, you will notice all these places filled with people, because the people of Chandigarh actually think a lot about their health. 

Some people from Chandigarh have a morning routine of visiting temples and gurudwaras as well. So, in the morning you will notice them visiting such places. 

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The first morning routine is done, where people take care of their mental and physical health. But when we talk about food, the whole Punjab has the same thought process around it. Although you would be able to find a lot of food stalls and options to eat all over Chandigarh, but when you are looking for a variety of breakfast options at one place, you should visit Sector- 15 market. 

Sector 15 market is one such place where there are all types of food options, if you want to go with North Indian food, you will find a place for that, you will also find authentic Himachali food options there, in case if you want to have a variety of items from veg and non-veg items then you can find that as well. 

The most favourite food item of people of Chandigarh is stuffed parathas, you will notice a huge number of customers around paratha stalls. The second most loved food item of people of Chandigarh is cholle bhature and that too by Haldirams. 

Haldirams is a huge food chain spread all over the world, and even has a few franchises internationally as well. You can find cholle bhature and great south indian food here. 

Cafes to Work 

Chandigarh is one such city in Punjab which is developed for people from every sector. Because if you visit Chandigarh, you would be able to notice that there are places for people from different work sectors, there are places for people who just want to party, there are places for people who want to explore new things and many more. 

Hence when we talk about cafes, almost every such place is built in a way that people can work there. Every KFC, McDonalds, PizzaHut, Dominos outlet is developed in such a way that people can directly visit their outlets, order something and start their work in a peaceful corner which is specifically created for them. 

The other best part is, at every such outlet in Chandigarh you would be able to get power sockets which means you can work from your laptop from anywhere along with charging it. 

Lunch Scenes 

When we talk about lunch in Chandigarh you would be happy to hear that we have a lot of options here. You can visit a restaurant that offers the best Italian food here, you can also move forward with generic food items like a complete thali from the best veg restaurants in Chandigarh and many more. 

If you want to try out Italian food, then you should surely visit Garlic and Greens restaurant which is at Elante Mall, Sector – 17, Chandigarh. In case if you are planning a romantic date for your lunch then the best place you should visit is Virgin Courtyard which is situated at SCO 1A, Madhya marg, Sector 7C, Chandigarh. 

Although if you are looking for regular food in buffet style then Chilli & Pepper is the best restaurant you can visit for lunch at Sector 125, SAS Nagar, Chandigarh. 

Exploring Chandigarh 

Now is the time to explore Chandigarh and you all know from where we are going to start, that’s from the malls. You can visit the Elante mall or if you want to explore the raw life of Chandigarh then you should visit Sector 26 Market, this is one such market from where you can find each and everything with the best quality and affordable prices. 

Hence if exploring a place means shopping to you, then Sector 26 market is the best place for you. 


Chandigarh is a vast place and it has everything for each and everyone of us. Either if you are someone from the work field, or just here to spend some quality time, you can find the right spots and places for yourself in Chandigarh. Overall if we speak then Chandigarh is a very peaceful place and living here would make you feel extremely satisfied from your life. 

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