Clock Tower Market

You must have heard that there are different ways to do shopping at different places. When you are traveling to Chandigarh you will be doing shopping in a different way, when you are in Delhi you will be doing the shopping in a different way. 

Today in this post we are going to talk about how to do effective shopping in Ludhiana. Although Ludhiana is an older place and most of the people think that there are no specific locations for shopping, but this is what you guys are unaware of.

Ludhiana has the Clock tower market which is also considered as the shopping hub of Ludhiana. 

We will be discussing how to do effective shopping in Ludhiana from the Clock tower market in this blog, and why the clock tower market is called the shopping hub. 

Clock Tower Market

As we have already discussed above, every place has a way to do effective shopping there and Ludhiana also has one such way. 

Let’s check out the method step by step: 

  • The people of Ludhiana firstly visit shopping malls and other such outlets from where they get the inspiration to buy good quality products. Those products can be clothes, gadgets, daily use items, shoes, or many such things. 

While following this process they will keep a close look at the price range. 

  • The second step is to visit the Clock Tower market. Before moving forward, the Clock tower market is a combination of various wholesale markets within which you can get each and everything from clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, books, stationary, bed sheets, gadgets, and many more such things. 

But the major reason why every Ludhianvi visits Clock Tower market is because they know they can easily find the same quality products being sold at malls and huge outlets here at Clock Tower market at an amazing discount. 

The Clock Tower market only remains closed on Monday, but if you visit any other day here you would be able to notice huge traffic. This place is so crowded that you would not be able to explore this place in your car. If you want to properly explore the place and the market then you should visit the clock tower market with the help of a two-wheeler or just by walking. 

  • Here’s a quick fact about the clock tower market, if you are looking for great quality products at a budget-friendly price then the clock tower market is the best option for you. Secondly, if you are a retailer or have a store in Ludhiana or any other part of Punjab then Clock tower market is the best option for you, as you can buy products from here in wholesale way lower than the retail price as well. 

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Quick Tips to find the right products at Clock Tower Market

There are a number of tips that you should keep in mind to find the right products at the clock tower market. 

  • We have already discussed that the clock tower market is distributed in separate sections which means if you want to buy clothes then you would be able to find a specific market section for buying such products, the same thing goes for each and every other category.

    In case if you are new to Ludhiana and traveling to Clock tower market for the first time, then we would suggest you to travel with a local person. Because the clock tower market is a very crowded place and it links with a number of new areas and markets, hence there are high chances that you are not going to visit the right place on your own for the first time. 
  • The second thing to keep in mind is that you are going to find the minimum prices for every product being sold in the clock tower market. Most people have this habit of traveling from one shop to another just to figure out where they can get the same product at a cheaper price. 

But when you are visiting the Clock Tower market, Ludhiana, you won’t have to do it. Because you would be getting the same prices for similar products even though you are visiting different shops. 

There is a proper union of shopkeepers who set a generic price for everything in the clock tower market and that’s how the sales take place there. 

  • If you are someone who always buy from shops that look good from the outside then you should not visit this place. Because you would be able to notice that the shops at the clock tower market are not great looking, but you would be able to find the best quality products that you can’t even find at malls and outlets. 

It has also been noticed that at the clock tower market you get all the latest upgrades and products even before those products are available at their official outlets in the city. People from all over the Punjab visit the clock tower market, Ludhiana to buy cool stuff. If you are traveling via train to Ludhaian, then you would be happy to know that Ludhiana junction is situated at the clock tower market only. 

If your major purpose of travel is to buy products from clock tower market, Ludhiana, then it will become easier for you now. 

This was all about some of the best tips which you should follow whenever you are finding the right products at the clock tower market. 


Struggling to find good quality products at budget-friendly prices in Ludhiana? Well, we think you haven’t visited Clock Tower Market yet, as here you can get each and every product easily. If you are unable to find a product at a mall, the people will directly ask you to visit the clock tower market, because you will have 100% chances to find that product in the clock tower market, Ludhiana. 

Just make sure to get a local with you during this trip. 

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