Rajsamand lake Rajasthan

Rajsamand Lake is one of the five famous lakes in Rajasthan. It is located in Rajsamand district of Udaipur which is 66 kms from the main city. The lake is popularly called ‘Rajsamudra lake’. It was built under the rule of Maharana Raj Singh in 1660.

The lake is built across Gomati, Kelwa and Tali rivers and cover around 510 sq. km region. It is approximately 2.82 km wide, 6.4 km long and 60 feet (18 m) deep. Gomti river is the principal provider of water to Rajsamand Lake.

The excellent beauty of this lake attracts enormous number of tourists as the ghats of the lake will let you experience peace in a beautiful way. Rajsamand Lake in Rajasthan is eminent across the globe for its nature and engineering excellence.

You can visit the lake between 10 am to 5 pm. The entry is free. Yet, you can enjoy boating there. The cost for boating is around Rs 50. 

Why was Rajsamand Lake contructed?

The Rajsamand lake was contrasted by Maharana Raj Singh in 1660. The lake was developed with a dam, it was made for aiding the neighborhood farmers and survivors of drought in 1661. Furthermore, due to the structure of this lake, the victims of the drought were given work. This was one of the reasons for constructing the dam.

Rajsamand lake is among the most established relief works done in Rajasthan. It was constructed in Indo Persian style and materials used for the structure were stone, rubble and brick work.

During World War II, Rajsamand lake was additionally used as the seaplane base of Imperial Airways for a long time.

How to reach Rajsamand lake

There are many ways to reach the lake. If you are travelling from Udaipur, you can book taxi and reach the lake. Otherwise, there are regular buses from the Udaipur bus stop to Rajsamand district. You can reach the Rajsamand district by bus and then take an auto-rickshaw or taxi to the lake.

In case, you are travelling from other parts of Rajasthan, you can take a direct bus if available. In case there is no direct bus hire a taxi to travel to cut your travel duration.

Rajsamand lake

Food to try

Rajasthan is famous for many things and one of them is its cuisine. The Rajasthani cuisine is made in such a way that many of its dishes can be kept for many days without heating. It is all due to its climatic conditions. It is a delight for your tongue while you are exploring this state.

When you are in Rajsamand you should not miss out on these food items:

  • Pani-Puri
  • Chole bhature
  • Bhatoora
  • Jalebi
  • Samosa
  • Paneer tikka

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You can consider the following places for your stay while travelling to Rajsamand lake:

  • Premium hotel (Shri Vallab Vilas Lord Palace)

Price – Rs.4480/per night (approximately)

  • Deluxe hotel (Hotel MM Residency)

Price – Rs.2350/per night (approximately)

  • Budget-friendly (Rajsamand Lake view Hotel)

Price – Rs.980/per night (approximately)

Rajsamand lake History

Facts about Rajsamand Lake

  • The embankment on the southern end of the lake is made up of white marble.
  • The main water supplier of the Rajsamand lake is River Gomti.
  • Maharaja Raj Singh constructed nine pavilions or Nauchowki on the embankment of the lake.
  • Nauchowki have pictures of sun, chariots, Gods, birds, and beautiful art carved on it.
  • The famous five toranas that is weighing archs made by Maharaj Raj Singh can be found in the southern side of the lake.

Things to remember while visiting Rajsamand lake

  • Monsoon is the best season to visit the Rajsamand lake.
  • Definitely, enjoy the sunset and sunrise at the lake.
  • Spend time exploring the beautiful ghats of the lake.
  • Carry snacks with you if you plan on spending a long time there.
  • Small events take place on the ghats on Gangaur and Teej festival.
  • Heaven for photographers. As the water changes its colour when the sunlight falls on it.
  • Enjoy the local food near the ghats of the lake.
  • Feel relaxed and spend some time in peace.
  • You can read about the history of Mewar written on the marble slabs there.


Rajsamand Lake is a treat for the eyes as well as a place for history enthusiasts. The marble slabs near the ghats of the lake has the history written on it. There are twenty-seven marble slabs which have the whole history on it. These slabs are called ‘Raj Prasasti’. You can also enjoy the view of the Rajsamand lake from Dwarkadhish temple. The most scenic view of the lake can be seen while travelling to Kumbhalgarh fort as the Rajsamand lake is between Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh. Thus, it is good spot to take a break and stop at lake to relax and enjoy.

The Rajsamand lake has played small yet significant roles in the history. Therefore, definitely keep this lake in your travel spots list while exploring Udaipur.

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