Rang De Basanti aka Doraha Fort

The biggest question after checking out the topic in your mind would be “We have never visited Doraha fort, how do we have numerous memories of that place?” 

Well, the answer is, that Doraha Fort is such a place that has been used in a number of movies, photoshoots, and other such things. Whenever someone checks out this place in those videos, they have only one thought in their mind and that is “I want to visit that place.” 

People start imagining themselves at Doraha Fort doing something, that’s the reason why we call it a fort with numerous memories. 

Here, in this post, we are going to discuss Doraha Fort, Ludhiana, its history, how and why it was built, for what purposes it’s being used today, and how to reach this place. 

Are you guys ready to know everything about your next travel destination? If yes, then make sure to visit this place till the end. 

History of Doraha Fort

A lot of people get confused between Doraha fort and Doraha Sarai, well you don’t need to get confused because both of the names are used for the same fort. 

Doraha fort is also popularly known for RDB (Rang De Basanti) fort which is located around 20 kms from Ludhiana, Punjab. In case if you are unable to find this fort online or anywhere, then you can directly search for Gurudwara Manji Sahib, because this fort is situated right behind this Gurudwara. 

Most people think that it was built for no purpose, but those who live nearby this fort know the history of this place. 

Let’s talk a bit about its history.

Doraha fort was built by the Mughal ruler Jahangir, and the motive behind creating this large fort/inn was for supporting Mughal caravans. 

This fort covers a large area of 168 sq m, and not just that you would be able to find gateways in this fort from around three sides, firstly from the middle, then southern and northern sides. 

Although the major gateways considered are the southern and northern gates. If you are moving towards the southern gate of this fort, you would be able to notice that the gate is decorated with flora and fauna paintings.

On the basis of those paintings, you can imagine the kind of precise and creative work that was being done in the ancient times. The quality of that work is nowhere near to the work being done nowadays. 

While if you try to move towards the northern gate, you would be able to notice floral designs which you are going to notice nowhere nowadays. 

Whenever you are going to visit Doraha fort you would be able to get a great essence of history and how things were during that time. Not just that, you would be able to notice how large and wide things were built during ancient times. 

The last point we would like to discuss in the history of Doraha fort section is the build quality of this place. Although this place was developed hundreds of years ago, still it stands in today’s world.

Even researches have said that if we compare the fort with any latest built building, then the fort will be considered more powerful than the other option. 

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How to reach Doraha fort? 

There are a number of ways to reach Doraha fort. Let us have a look at all the available options: 

By Flight: The first way to reach Doraha fort is with the help of a flight. Let’s assume you are traveling from a place out of Punjab, then we would suggest you travel via a flight because it is an easy and faster way to travel. You can take a direct flight to Amritsar or Chandigarh and right after that, you will find direct buses for Ludhiana.

Once you have reached Ludhiana, you can book a cab that can directly drop you at Doraha fort. The time taken to reach Doraha fort from Ludhiana would be less than an hour. 

By Train: The next method if you have a bit lower budget is by traveling via train. You can directly take a train to Amritsar, Chandigarh, or Ludhiana, and right outside of the Ludhiana Junction you can take cabs. 

Those cabs will directly take you to Doraha fort. 

By Road: The last option left with us is via bus. You would have to reach Ludhiana via bus and then you can take a direct bus to Doraha fort. 

If you are planning a road trip, then you would be able to travel via your car as well. You need to travel to Ludhiana and then you can reach Doraha fort. 

There are no specific timings for Doraha fort, you can visit this place anytime you want. However, we would suggest you not visit this fort at night time. 

Local Cuisine

Well, if you are traveling to a new place it is suggested to check out their local cuisine as well. With the help of which you can learn and explore more about that place. 

  • The first and most loved local cuisine of this place is Guru Ka Langar. Yes, you heard it right. There are a number of Gurudwaras in Ludhiana which you can visit and check out their divine food. 
  • Whenever you are going to visit Ludhiana, you will notice a number of places that serve the best Cholle Bhature and even if you have tried cholle bhature from other places then we would suggest you to try them out at this place also. You can also check out Naan cholle. 
  • The next thing that you should try out whenever you are visiting Doraha fort is lassi. There are going to be a number of places in Ludhiana that offer the best lassi and we would suggest you check them out for sure. They come in a variety of options, such as sweet and sour lassi. 


Doraha fort is one such famous shooting spot in the area that every tourist wanted to visit. Don’t miss this destination if you want to experience the architectural brilliance built during Mughal times.

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