Nokalykai Falls

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura make up the ever beloved seven sisters of India. These places have managed to sustain their heritage. Eco-friendly and organic, every one of these states has its unique charm and magnetism, creating an inviting atmosphere for travellers both foreign and domestic.

One such gorgeous location is the Meghalaya, quite literally, the “Abode of the Clouds”. 

Unveiling the mysteries of Meghalaya

The capital city Shillong is the epitome of natural tourist spots of Shillong, with untouched valleys, ravines, and beautiful landscapes. The chilly weather is a delight, as long as one is properly prepared, and the district-specific food in Meghalaya is nothing short of a culinary treasure.

The local delicacies are always a delight. Apart from that, stepping into the borders will fill you with a sense of curiosity, and an eagerness to explore the unexplored. The entire place has a mystical vibe to it, sure to enchant the mind and heart of an avid traveller. These tourist places are a marvel.

Several Meghalaya tourist places are open to people yet often untraversed. Some of these places are – 

  1. Nokalykai Falls

Also known as NohKaLikai, this roaring waterfall boast the title of the tallest plunge waterfall in India. Located near Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on earth, the waterfall is the embodiment of powerful grace but has an incredibly tragic story of origin. It is named after Ka Likai, who went crazy and jumped off the very cliff these waterfalls fall over, after the inhumane death of her infant daughter by her cruel second husband.

But this devastating tale is often forgotten in the presence of this awe-inspiring wonder of nature. Thanks to the constant rainfall in Meghalaya, the waterfall is fed year-round. But, visiting this waterfall at the time of heavy rains can be extremely dangerous, thanks to foggy weather and slippery rocks. Landslides are a common occurrence, and no matter how experienced the traveller may be, precautions are a must. The best time to visit Shillong, as well as these falls is between October to December and March to May.

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  • Mawphlang Sacred Forest 

A trove of various treasures, the sacred Mawphlang Grove lies on enroute Cherrapunji from Shillong and is the home to several medicinal plants, rare flowers, a variety of birds and animals, a diverse range of mushrooms, and insects that you may have never even heard of before. It is located in the Mawphlang village, which means moss-covered stone in the Khasi Language. It spans up to 193 acres of land and is said to be under the guardianship of the Lyngdoh clan. It is one of the best places for couples in Shillong. 

Visitors can trek for up to 30 mins to an hour, and take in the dazzling sights and fresh air. Divided into three parts, only the first and second half is open to visitors. To be surrounded by the lush greenery among the buzzing of the insects and the low hum of the air is an enlightening adventure, that must be experienced at least once in life. 

  • Beautiful Mawlynong village 
Mawlynong village

The cleanest village in Asia, despite all the visitor footfalls it sees throughout the year, the beautiful Mawlynong village is the best way to truly immerse into the Meghalayan culture. From the delicious street food to the incredible views, visiting this village is landing into the lap of serenity, bringing a sense of calm and peace.

The people here are jolly and inviting, and the use of plastics is banned. Natives go out of their way to pick up any litter they may see and even rake away leaves during the winters. The well-maintained, the tightly knit community will surely welcome a visitor with open arms, should they choose to walk into this rural wonderland. 

  • Wei Sawdong 
Wei Sawdong

There is no shortage of natural attractions in Shillong, and waterfalls are one such geographical masterpiece. The next waterfall on our list is a three-tiered majestic marvel of nature. Its picturesque look, with clear skies and pure blue water, is enticing and alluring and successfully distracts from the challenging trek that is required to reach the spot. The name Wei Sawdong is the word for a square-shaped pool in the native Khasi language. For those who want to step out of the capital city, it is one of the prettiest places to visit near Shillong.

It is so astonishingly perfect, that it seems almost man-made, but is a testament to the elegance and might of nature, especially in gorgeous north-eastern India. The three-tiered waterfall cascades down the rocks, resembling the world-famous falls of Turkey, well hidden in the Corner of India, to be found only by those who choose to venture into harsher terrains. 

Arwah caves

Fossils are an attestation to the rich history of a region, and the Arwah Caves of Cherrapunjee are no exception. This large chamber that has sunken over time is only the beginning. It is the entrance to a set of caverns that have been light up to highlight and display the limestone fossils, of crustaceans and various fishes.

The experience is almost surreal, to see all these preserved and immortalized lives of an organism that roamed these spaces before any of us did. History lovers as well as trek enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise upon visiting these caves. The aesthetic appeal and the historical vibe are indelible occurrences, a memory that is impossible to forget. 

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