Partition Museum in Amritsar

We all know that in August 1947 Independence was granted that led to a partition of British India into 2 countries which were India and Pakistan.

Most of the people from India and Pakistan think that this was the only thing that took place during the time and just a border was built. But things were not limited to the border only, there were a number of other things that took place.

People from the same families were separated, some went to Pakistan, while a few stayed here in India. A lot of such things have taken place during those times.

Here in this post we are going to discuss one of the major things that was built around the partition of India and Pakistan.

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History of The Partition Museum

The Partition was the largest migration in human history, with estimates suggesting up to some 18 million people were impacted. In the past 70 years (till the Partition Museum was set up) there was no memorial, no designated space, no commemoration of any kind that documented the largest migration in history of the world.

The Partition Museum, initiated by The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust (TAACHT), has been set up as a People’s Museum to remember all those millions who lost their homes or loved ones at that time.

In the short time since it has been open since October 2016, over 25,000 visitors have come to the Museum, demonstrating the continuing emotive resonance of Partition.

The Museum has received a real outpouring of support from all directions, including from partition families in Punjab/Bengal/abroad, major national and international museums and universities, researchers and authors, and particularly, from the media.

Partition Museum History

As it is a ‘people museum’ and will contain hundreds of thousands of stories of those who actually went through Partition, therefore, a key component of setting up the Museum is recording oral histories of Partition survivors.

No matter how small or large information you want to get about the Partition of 1947, you would be able to get it from this museum.

More About The Museum

Whenever you visit this museum, you will notice a number of sections to explore. The best part is the authorities have maintained the data efficiently in this museum, with the help of which if you want to explore a specific section you can directly visit that place and fetch the information you want.

Let us have a look at the various sections you can find here in this museum.

  • Refugee Artfacts:

There are a number of refugee artifacts that were collected from India and Pakistan after the 1947 partition. In case, if you are someone who loves to check out watches, coins and other such artifacts on history then this section is a gold mine for you.

You just need to keep in mind that you can’t take a picture of any artifact, secondly can’t touch anything.

  • Oral Histories:

Now what do they mean by Oral Histories? Well, the answer is, the authorities have done an amazing job by collecting stories of people from both ends. People from India and Pakistan, both who were separated or had to move to a different nation after the partition collaborated and shared their stories.

You will find stories of before and after the partition here in this museum. In case if you are a story lover then this section is specifically for you.

There are many more such sections such as Dara Shikoh library, picture gallery and more. You are not just going to enjoy the trip here, but you will also learn a number of things.

Location of The Partition Museum Amritsar

The Partition Museum is located at The Town Hall, Amritsar. This museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

The traveling process is also easy, you can directly travel to Amritsar via Bus, Train, or Airplane.

Moreover, the people of Amritsar are also helpful. In case you face any issues in that place, you can take help from the locals.

Additional Info

In case you are traveling to The Partition Museum, Amritsar, make sure to visit Golden Temple also.

Not just that, there are a number of food items that you should try when in Amritsar. You can try out Cholle Bhature, Naan Cholle, Butter Chicken and more.

Accommodations near Partition Museum, Amritsar

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– Hotel Lemonade

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– Hotel Infa

– Bindra Paradise

Although there are plenty of options you can find to stay, but above-mentioned are the options with the best services.


If you are someone, who is an avid traveller with a niche to know interesting facts and history of British India, then Partition Museum in Amritsar is an apt destination.

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