There are several historical places that common people are unaware of, but archaeologists are doing their research on those places.

But today, we are going to talk about 350 years old fort that even the archaeological survey of India is not aware of.

We are going to talk about Burail Fort, located in sector- 45, Chandigarh.

If you want to explore this unexplored place, then follow us till the end. Here we’ll talk about the history of this place, how to reach here, what all you can see at the Burail Fort, and more.

History of Burail Fort

History of Burail Fort

Let’s move back to the time of Sikh warrior Banda Singh Bahadur; the Burail fort was built during the Mughal period. This fort remained in control of Mughal Faujadar up till 1712 AD.

Most people are unaware of this fact, but Mughal Faujadar used to keep every newly married woman in this fort with him before sending it to his husband.

Some people told this issue to Banda Singh Bahadur, and he sent an army of Sikh warriors to free the fort, which they accomplished but died in the end.

When the fort was built, there were 4 bastions, but now only three are standing. Also, as we have mentioned, the Archaeological Survey of India was unaware of this fort, because of which people have built their houses with the walls of this fort.

The only reminder of this fort is the Gurudwara in Sector – 45, which was built in its memory.

How to reach?

If you have reached Chandigarh, you can book a cab for the sector – 45. You can travel by car or bike, but you would have to travel a bit on foot after that.

The roads are extremely congested, so that no car will take you directly to the Burail fort.

You need to move towards Sukhna Road, from where you would be able to reach the Burail Fort.

The Google maps location of Burail Fort is here.

Local Cuisines/ Accommodations near Burail Fort

If you plan to stay near Burial fort to explore it properly, you can find several good accommodations to stay in.

You can find 3 to 4-star hotels nearby. Not just that, there are plenty of cafes you should try out whenever traveling to Burail fort.

Some of those local cuisine shops are Al Azeem Dhaba in sector 45, Chandigarh flavors in Burail Village, and more.

Do’s & Don’ts of this location.


Burail Fort

There are no such restrictions linked with this location, as we have already discussed that some people have built their houses near the fort, and some live in the fort.

So we need to make sure that we do not disturb them. We can explore the fort thoroughly, but we should offer no inconvenience to them.

Tips for first-time visitors at the Burail Fort

There’s only one tip to offer you. If you are visiting Burail Fort, visit the nearby Gurudwara in Sector -45 Chandigarh, built in the memory of Sikh warriors who died while fighting with the Mughal.

Firstly, you can explore the fort and move to the gurdwara. If you cannot figure out where the gurdwara is, you can ask the locals of that place; they’ll help you out.

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