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Know More About Top National Parks in Assam

Travel GuideBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

Considered to be among the richest biodiversity zones in the world, Assam is home to 7 national parks. It ranks third (after Madhya Pradesh and Andaman and Nicobar) in terms of number of parks per state. Having earned the reputation of being one of the unspoilt natural wonders in the country, the state has always […]

Try Traditional Rice Beers During Your Trip to Northeast India

NorthBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

We have already listed out multiple reasons for you to visit the unexplored places in the northeastern part of our country. If that wasn’t enough, I am sure this article will definitely motivate you to plan a trip ASAP! The locals here brew amazing rice beers, made of rice (obviously!), mixed with other natural herbs. […]

Visit Majuli in Assam: The World’s Largest River Island

EastBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

Of all the blessings that nature has showered upon Assam, Majuli has to be one of the best. Known as the largest river island in the world, Majuli is inhabited by over 98,000 people. This pristine island is formed by the mighty Brahmaputra River and its tributaries. The picturesque and pollution-free environment invites a lot […]

Spooky South Park Street Cemetery: Tombs Tell Stories Here

EastBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

While planning a trip to any place, I bet no one includes a visit to a cemetery in their itinerary. However, what we present to you in this article is an 18th century graveyard, that is definitely not going to ruin your travel. It might sound crazy but this cemetery in Kolkata is eerily beautiful […]

Visit Kaziranga National Park, the Finest Wildlife Retreat in Assam

EastBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

While talking about Assam tourism, one can never miss out on Kaziranga National Park. It is often regarded as the best wildlife destination to visit in India. Located by the banks of river Brahmaputra, this park is shared by two districts in Assam, Nagaon and Golaghat. While a lot has been said and written about […]

When in Kaziranga of Assam, Visit the Largest Orchid Park

EastBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

Famous for its lush tea gardens, mystic hills, rich wildlife, and the Brahmaputra River, Assam has been a traveler’s paradise since ages. Gifted with a rich variety of flora and fauna, this northeastern state in India can be the perfect getaway from your busy and monotonous lifestyle. Many people are aware of the number of […]

Walk Along the Scariest Bamboo Trek in Meghalaya

EastBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

Apart from Shillong and Cherrapunji, Meghalaya has a lot to offer. Though a number of places in the state have gained popularity among travelers, a lot of it also remains unexplored. One such destination is the Mawryngkhang trek. Wondering how to pronounce the name? Well, you can call it the Bamboo trail, or bamboo trek. […]

Visit this mysterious bird suicide point in Assam

EastBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

Jatinga, a small hamlet located in Dima Hasao district in Assam is famous, rather infamous, for the mysterious phenomenon of birds dying by suicide for few months in a year. Located at a distance of 330 km from Guwahati, and about 9 km south of Haflong, Jatinga’s scenic beauty remains in obscurity for most of […]

Explore Panimur Waterfalls – The Niagara of Assam

EastBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

It is an open secret now that Northeast India has been blessed with abundant picturesque landscapes and natural beauty. The region hides in itself many such amazing locales that are sure to make your heart skip a beat. Unexplored and unpolluted, this region can prove to be a traveler’s ultimate treat! One such location is […]

Umananda: The island of happiness in Guwahati

EastBy prateeksha darabdhara - 17/01/2023

Google ‘Assam’, and on the knowledge panel, you will get to see a mention of the Umananda Island. Not only, this place is a mark of identity for Assam, it is also regarded as the smallest inhabited river island in the world. Not to forget that Assam is also the land of the largest river […]