Cottonseed Milk

Keeladi, the Cradle of Sangam Era Civilization of Tamil Land

SouthBy ekatrina t joanna - 17/01/2023

Madurai – the capital of Pandyas among Tamil kings is hailed as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. It has a long history of nurturing the Tamil language by conducting Sangams – literary congregations to grow the language. Sangam literature dates Madurai as one of the oldest cities to be inhabited but the archeological evidence […]

Madurai’s Famous Cottonseed Milk Recipe

FoodBy ekatrina t joanna - 17/01/2023

Some cities have their exclusive brews. They evolved over a period of time based on the lifestyle of people. Cottonseed milk or Paruthipaal as locally called is one such drink for the Madurai City. Ground from the cotton seeds, the drink gives a lot of energy and it was one of the staple diets of […]

Many Languages, One City – Enchanting Mangalore aka Kudla

SouthBy ekatrina t joanna - 17/01/2023

White sand beaches, cosmopolitan culture, many languages in one place. Don’t jump the guns. It’s not Goa; the erstwhile Portuguese colony. It is a city 345 kms down south from Goa in South India, a place called Mangalore which is as old as the maritime history of India. A vibrant port city, Mangalore or Mangaluru […]